[horde] Cookie stuff (browser not remembering login)

Ben Davis ben.davis at pca-wichita.com
Fri May 7 06:52:02 PDT 2004

Benoit St-Andre wrote:

>How long after do you come back to Horde ?
>If it takes you longer then the time sessions are cleaned on the server 
>(around 20 min), it is going to make you login again.
>Also, for "security" reasons, some browsers (like IE) destroy the session 
>cookie before this 20 min...
>Otherwise, settings seems ok. Did you try to put the server name directly like 
>this to see if it works ?
> $conf['cookie']['domain'] ='myserver'
This happens whenever I leave horde and go to another site.  I even have 
a bookmark for my horde site on my mozilla toolbar,  and if I click that 
bookmark even while I'm logged in to horde, it goes back to the login 
screen (the bookmark does not point to the login screen, it points to 
the horde root).

Anyways, I also tried entering in the server name in 
$conf['cookie']['domain'],  but it doesn't seem to work either.  Could 
this be a problem with my php.ini?

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