[horde] Cookie stuff (browser not remembering login)

Benoit St-Andre ben at benoitst-andre.net
Tue May 4 13:31:01 PDT 2004

Le 4 Mai 2004 16:23, Ben Davis a écrit :
> I sent this message over a week ago w/ no response... So, I figured It
> try throwing it out there again.
> ---------------------------------------
> (using 3.0-cvs)
> For some reason the browser is not remembering logins. When I go to a
> different website and then come back to horde, I have to log in
> again.    I had this working before, and I can't remember what I did to
> get it working..  My installation has horde at the webserver root
> ("http://myserver/"), and the (afaik) relevant parts of config/conf.php
> are:
> $conf['session']['name'] = 'Horde';
> $conf['session']['cache_limiter'] = 'nocache';
> $conf['session']['timeout'] = 0;
> $conf['cookie']['domain'] = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];
> $conf['cookie']['path'] = '/';
> $conf['sessionhandler']['type'] = 'none';
> Is there anything in here that doesn't seem correct?

How long after do you come back to Horde ?

If it takes you longer then the time sessions are cleaned on the server 
(around 20 min), it is going to make you login again.

Also, for "security" reasons, some browsers (like IE) destroy the session 
cookie before this 20 min...

Otherwise, settings seems ok. Did you try to put the server name directly like 
this to see if it works ?

 $conf['cookie']['domain'] ='myserver'
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