[horde] Horde and apps thoughts/suggestions/issues

Mark H. Degner mark at degner.org
Fri May 7 09:15:59 PDT 2004

Good morning all,

I have been using various Horde apps from CVS HEAD for the past few weeks, and I
have been keeping track of any suggestions/issues/inconsistencies/bugs that I
have found (in Mnemo no less).  Since it doesn't do any good to keep it all to
myself, I am sending it out to the list for everyone to take a look at and
consider.  I do understand that several of these apps are still Alpha, but I
wanted to bring any issues to the attention of the developers in case they
weren't aware of them already.  And I apologize if some of these topics have
already been covered, have already been fixed, or are due to misconfiguration
on my part.

While I will try to implement some of these changes myself, my coding is rough,
so I doubt anyone would want to use it anyway.

Horde is a great project, and I thank the developers and contributors for doing
such hard and great work.  It has turned into something I use daily and

My notes follow below.


Mark Degner

Horde apps suggestions

Horde - consistent confirmation dialogs.  Some are web based, other are popups. 
For instance, Kronolith has delete confirmation in a webpage, Turba has a
delete confirmation as a popup.

IMP - The ability to copy emails to other applications, like Calendar, Notes,
Tasks, Address books

IMP - option for using the print button and formatting all text as black

Kronolith - Rolling over the appointment has location information in addition to
time and notes

Kronolith - an icon or button in the appointment entry that allows downloading
that particular appointment as an iCalendar file

Kronolith - rollover info is currently bound by the browser window.  Is this a
bug, or a result of the PHP/browser environment?

Kronolith - a way (icon?) to tell if an event is personal or shared

Kronolith - the ability to attach files to events

Kronolith - preserve existing category colors when editing the colors

Kronolith - a way to have numbers vary in appointments for things like birthdays
and anniversaries.  ie, Dick and Jane's 41st anniversary.  Based upon some
variable and baseline date.

Kronolith - Email alerts for appointment alarms

Kronolith - A way to notify another user of a shared calendar that an entry is
new.  Email, different color, popup or other.

Kronolith - In meeting requests, have the meeting information in the email as
well as in the ics file.

Turba - List contacts on several fixed-length pages, rather than one long page,
like the way IMP does with mail.

Turba - filter an address list by first letter of last name.  A selection bar -

Turba - rolling over an entry in the address book displays all info

Turba - Fields for multiple email addresses per entry

Turba - Shared contact lists

Turba - buttons on the top and bottom of each page, the contact edit page, for
instance.  Currently buttons are at the top of some pages, and at the bottom of
others.  Delete, Move, Copy, etc

Turba - print result/status of action, such as <entry> successfully deleted,
like the way forwards, replies and other status are printed in IMP

Hermes - The option to have names other than just address book names in the
client list.  A way to select Alias, email address, etc.

Hermes - export the timesheet as a CSV

Gollem - better viewing of files- click on an item, download or view the item
natively.  Currently it adds a lot of tags.

Mnemo - a button to delete notes in My Notes

Mnemo - get error messages about DB Error: Note already exists when saving
certain notes - happens when memo_id = 0 - (this may have been a
misconfiguration issue.  Possibly tied to changing format of SQL table.  I
haven't experienced this since I updated the SQL tables)

Nag - Unable to display tasks in Calendar. Get error-

Warning: Illegal offset type in /var/www/secure/horde/kronolith/month.php on
line 129

Warning: Illegal offset type in /var/www/secure/horde/kronolith/lib/Driver.php
on line 1692

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
/var/www/secure/horde/kronolith/lib/Driver.php on line 1694

Juno - an error when it is used as a block in the Horde portal -
Notice: Undefined variable: book_status in
/var/www/secure/horde/juno/lib/base.php on line 71

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