[horde] Mottle / Midas ?

Joe Jenkins joe at nerdnet.com
Sat May 8 21:28:00 PDT 2004

Just a question about the functionality of Mottle (MOTD) and Midas 
(advertising) modules... Shouldnt Mottle display the current MOTD on the 
  main login screen of Horde?  It used to be an motd.php file you could 
edit but it would be much nicer if the admins could set up the current 
MOTD via mottle and have it display on the login page (during the 
appropriate time period as set up in mottle.)

Also, will Midas ads ever display inside horde, ie on the login screen 
or above the users menu or elsewhere?  It seems like such a nice system 
for managing advertising, it would make sense for it to manage ads that 
display within horde (if an admin wanted such things for their users.)

I know both of these projects are still under development, I am just 
curious if this functionality may ever exist.  Thanks for such a great 
piece of software, it truly is amazing!  I've been using it for several 
years now =D

J. Jenkins

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