[horde] Differences between Horde head files and what is written in the install file

Marco Maiani m.maiani at comune.scandicci.fi.it
Wed May 19 04:00:16 PDT 2004

I found this install on the horde doc directory extracted from 


Vilius Sumskas ha scritto:

> Cituojama Marco Maiani <m.maiani at comune.scandicci.fi.it>:
>> I'm trying to install Horde head  but I found that there are various
>> differences from what is written in the Install file and the files that
>> I found in the tar.gz. For example there isn't any horde/framework
>> directory with any install-packages.php like is written in install file.
>> Is the install file too old ?
> you need framework.tar.gz
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>    Vilius Sumskas
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Marco Maiani
Centro Elaborazione Dati
Comune di Scandicci (Fi) Italy
tel. +39 055 7591303
m.maiani at comune.scandicci.fi.it

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