[horde] Horde Customisation

Gijs Nelissen gijs at digitalbase.be
Wed Aug 11 16:43:06 PDT 2004

my installation : horde3.x (HEAD)

i am customising my horde installation to display a big logo in the left top corner, i adjusted templates/menu/menu.inc for this, but now the right topnavigation isn't the size of the left logo, so i want to change the height
I tried to locate the template for the right menu but can't seem to find it, anyone ?

Can anyone tell me where i can find the option to disable the language select box @ the login page ?

my code has :
<?php if (!$prefs->isLocked('language')): ?>
    <td align="right" class="light"><b><?php echo _("Language") ?></b></td>
    <td align="left" class="light"><?php echo $langs ?></td>

but i can't find the language selector option anywhere in administration/configuration/horde am i overlooking something ?


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