[horde] Horde Customisation

Andrew Coleman mercury at appisolutions.net
Wed Aug 11 08:39:57 PDT 2004

Quoting Gijs Nelissen <gijs at digitalbase.be>:

> i am customising my horde installation to display a big logo in the 
> left top corner, i adjusted templates/menu/menu.inc for this, but now 
> the right topnavigation isn't the size of the left logo, so i want to 
> change the height
> I tried to locate the template for the right menu but can't seem to 
> find it, anyone ?

I am assuming the menu at the top of the screen, yes? Each application 
will have
to have it's templates/menu/menu.inc modified to suit your large logo. Horde
will put a small (140x40) image in the upper left for you, so you might try
fitting the picture down to that size...

> Can anyone tell me where i can find the option to disable the 
> language select box @ the login page ?


look for the language preference. set the language to whichever you want, then
set it to 'locked'

Andrew Coleman

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