[horde] Hacking login - horde notice system

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Thu Oct 7 20:35:07 PDT 2004

Quoting Ollie Maitland <ollie at byng-designs.com>:

> When hacking the Horde login to integrate it into a site I normally just use
> the following steps:
> i. Include core.php
> Ii. Initialise $registry with &Registry::singleton
> Then I can run any of the horde functions, however when using
> Auth::authenticate I have a problem in that Auth::setAuth wants to set a
> notification about the login time (lines 688 - 706).
> However the notification class is only defined in base.php and as the core
> does not really include this do you think it would be better to move that
> notification set out of what is really just a session initialisation?

Well, there isn't any other place where it's easy to do that notification; no
other plase that I can see definitively *knows* when a login happens.

What I've done is simply made that block check for the existance of a global
$notification object first - so for you, it should silently ignore it, while
it'll work for all of the Horde apps that define $notification.

How's that sound?


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