[horde] Hacking login - horde notice system

Ollie Maitland ollie at byng-designs.com
Thu Oct 7 14:59:27 PDT 2004

When hacking the Horde login to integrate it into a site I normally just use
the following steps:

i. Include core.php
Ii. Initialise $registry with &Registry::singleton

Then I can run any of the horde functions, however when using
Auth::authenticate I have a problem in that Auth::setAuth wants to set a
notification about the login time (lines 688 - 706).

However the notification class is only defined in base.php and as the core
does not really include this do you think it would be better to move that
notification set out of what is really just a session initialisation?

If not what is the best way around this (i.e setting the
$prefs->getValue('show_last_login') to false?

Is there a better way to hack the login?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

- Ollie Maitland

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