[horde] notification()

tdrewry at bu.edu tdrewry at bu.edu
Fri Oct 8 17:59:42 PDT 2004


I'm using the notification system to inform my clients of system downtime and
assorted other information (similary to a MOTD).  I'm not using the existin
MOTD system because we use an unusual flavor of Kerberized Web login 
here.  For
this reason the Horde auth method is transparent and there's no point where a
user should see a horde login screen.

Anyway, my question is weither it is possible to insert html formated 
text into
a notification, for instance could I put a mailto or href into the text field
and successfully have it selectable.  I suppose my real question is how to do
that, assuming it's possible.  I've already got the motd/notification message
being set from a custom preference tab within Horde and IMP respectively.

Perhaps one of the optional flags?  Any input here would be helpful.

Tobias Drewry
Boston Univeristy

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