[horde] Installation Help

H. Carter Harris carter-lists at technettn.net
Sun Oct 10 10:30:56 PDT 2004

I can't get the Administration==>Configuration screen described in several
documents on horde.org.

I used the HordeHEADHowTo from the wiki to download and setup the modules I
wanted on Friday.  Output from test.php is copied below:

-----Begin Test.php output
Horde Version
Horde: 3.0-cvs
Horde Applications
Accounts: 3.0-cvs (run Accounts tests)
Forwards: 3.0-cvs
Giapeto: 0.1-cvs (run Giapeto tests)
Hermes: 0.1-cvs
Horde: 3.0-cvs
Imp: 4.0-cvs (run Imp tests)
Jonah: 0.1-cvs (run Jonah tests)
Klutz: 1.0-cvs
Kronolith: 2.0-cvs
Mnemo: 2.0-cvs
Nag: 2.0-cvs
Passwd: 3.0-cvs
Turba: 2.0-cvs (run Turba tests)
Ulaform: 0.1-cvs (run Ulaform tests)
Vacation: 3.0-cvs
Whups: 1.0-cvs
PHP Version
View phpinfo() screen
View loaded extensions
PHP Version: 4.3.4
PHP Major Version: 4.3
PHP Minor Version: 4
PHP Version Classification: release
You are running a supported version of PHP.
PHP Module Capabilities
Ctype Support: Yes
DOM XML Support: Yes
FTP Support: Yes
GD Support: Yes
Gettext Support: Yes
Iconv Support: Yes
IMAP Support: Yes
LDAP Support: Yes
Mbstring Support: Yes
MCAL Support: Yes
Mcrypt Support: Yes
MIME Magic Support: No
The fileinfo PECL module is recommended for use with Horde as it will
provide faster MIME Magic lookups. See horde/docs/INSTALL for information on
how to install PECL extensions.
MySQL Support: Yes
OpenSSL Support: Yes
PostgreSQL Support: No
XML Support: Yes
Zlib Support: Yes
Miscellaneous PHP Settings
magic_quotes_runtime disabled: Yes
memory_limit disabled: No
If PHP's internal memory limit is turned on and if not set high enough Horde
will not be able to handle large data items (e.g. large mail attachments in
IMP). If possible, you should disable the PHP memory limit by recompiling
PHP without the "--enable-memory-limit" flag. If this is not possible, then
you should set the value of memory_limit in php.ini to a sufficiently high
value (Current value of memory_limit: 8M).
file_uploads enabled: Yes
safe_mode disabled: Yes
session.use_trans_sid disabled: Yes
Required Horde Configuration Files
config/conf.php: Yes
config/html.php: Yes
config/mime_drivers.php: Yes
config/nls.php: Yes
config/prefs.php: Yes
config/registry.php: Yes
PHP Sessions
Session counter: 1
To unregister the session: click here
PEAR Search Path (PHP's include_path):  .:/usr/lib/php/:/usr/share/pear/
Recent PEAR: Yes
Mail_RFC822: Yes
Mail_Mime: Yes
Log: Yes
DB: Yes
Net_Socket: Yes
Date: No
Horde requires the Date_Calc class for Kronolith to calculate dates.
Auth_SASL: No
Horde will work without the Auth_SASL class, but if you use Access Control
Lists in IMP you should be aware that without this class passwords will be
sent to the IMAP server in plain text when retrieving ACLs.
HTTP_Request: No
Parts of Horde (Jonah, the XML-RPC client/server) use the HTTP_Request
library to retrieve URLs and do other HTTP requests.
File: No
Horde will work without the File_CSV class, but there may be errors when
importing some CSV files.
Net_SMTP: Yes
Services_Weather: No
Services_Weather is used by the weather applet/block on the portal page.
----- End Test.php output

When I try to execute the default, I never get the screen referenced several
times that allows me to configure the system.  Most of the modules, have
config.xml files but I need the Administration-->Configuration screen that
allows me to do use the conf.xml file.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


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