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Ollie Maitland ollie at byng-designs.com
Sun Oct 10 13:08:45 PDT 2004

Thanks *very* much for the answers Chuck, this new version of Horde is much
easier to hack with compared to the previous ones. Essentially all I'm after
in the alternative login page is just to change the URL to a login page on
the site. Would it be tricky to add in the alternate_login setting as this
is very useful?

As for the output buffering; I find that getting raw data out of Horde is
very easy (in the form of arrays and objects) however when it comes to
displaying the data (which horde obviously does very well at) there aren't
any *abstract* functions that I can see that obviously can do this. Thus
either I have been writing my own parsers or using the output buffering in
php because horde prints inline with the php parsing. So my question is
whether there are or will be abstract functions that one could use to parse
the data extracted from the api.php scripts?

Sorry for the rabble!

Excellent development.

- Ollie 

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Quoting Ollie Maitland <ollie at byng-designs.com>:

> How does one set the Horde login page to something different to 
> login.php as I can't see a simple configurational change that I can make?

You can always create a custom Auth driver that defines its own login
screen. It might be worth a setting in Horde to match IMP's alternate_login

> Also is the best way to get certain modules from Horde using output 
> buffering in php as at the moment if I want a day view of today I use:



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