[horde] Not RFC conform mails

Thomas Nowotny tn at genano.de
Mon Oct 11 05:35:37 PDT 2004

Hi @ll,

I'm using horde for round about 1 year now. And I'm very happy with it. 
But now I've one problem, sometimes I get some not RFC e-mails (with 
spaces in to-field). If I open the folder including this mail in IMP I 
get an RFC error. I know this is the right behavior and I also agree, 
but since I'm working for this new company, I get these mails (using my 
private server with horde to have a usable frontend). Does anybody have 
an idea how to display these mail? Or how to change the to-field 
automagicly. I'm using fetchmail with procmail and the cyrus-imapd for 
this account.

Thomas Nowotny
Nur weil ich Paranoid bin, heisst das noch lange nicht,
das sie nicht hinter mir her sind.

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