[horde] Re: little problems :-(

Marko Djukic mdjukic at horde.org
Thu Oct 14 14:15:19 PDT 2004

Quoting ArteQ <arteq2 at go2.pl>:

> Hi!
> First  of  all: horde web page is a mistake. Ok, it looks nice, and seems to
> be divided into categories so that everyone can easy find whats he's looking
> for.  Wrong.  I spend a couple of minutes to find an email to somebody who's
> in  charge  of this project. I've failed. There are plenty of mailing-lists,
> etc  but  no  mail to 'general problems' purpose. Thats why I'm sending this
> mail to you :-)

Well how about instead of ranting away pointlessly you actually email the lists
- *hint* that's what they are there for, you know?

> Your problem: your server SUX! Yesterday it was next to impossible for me to
> download  horde*.tar.gz:  both at home and from the university (Telia, GEANT
> backbones).  But  there  are  some mirrors so I don't mind. Today it took me
> about  6  hours to sync it via CVS - bit too long, isn't it?

That's clearly your problem. I've been running sync almost several times an hour
and I'm on no fast back-bone somewhere in Italy.

> And there is no backup server for CVS :-(

Why then, thank you for offering to set one up.

> Your problem: documentation SUX! I guess you just need time :-)

And I guess you just need to get off your brainless rant perch, put together
some minimum of common sense and help out in a community project.

> My  problem:  I've  downloaded  horde,  tried  to 'install' it at last three
> times.  Everything  seems to be just fine, but I've stuck at the poin when I
> should  log  in  for  the  first  time  as  an administrator to finalize the
> configuration.  From  the  DOC's  I've  learned that system should log me in
> without  providing  any  passwords  when I first open horde with my browser.
> Doesn't work for me :-( I can only see login page, and I've got no idea what
> to do next. FAQ didn't help me a lot, in fact it didn't help me at all :-(

You've given ZERO information about what your actual problem is. Combined with
your general level of communication ability I suggest you leave the technology
aside and go find a sand pit to play outside your home.

Have fun!


Marko Djukic
Horde Project (http://horde.org)

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