[horde] Blank screens

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Oct 26 01:50:40 PDT 2004

Zitat von Mike Bishop <mike at essa.ac.za>:

> Hi
> This is my first post and I'm relatively new to this project and 
> Linux in general. I am running a Redhat 7.3 server (Mitel SME 
> server), using PHP 4.3.8, Horde 2.2.5, Apache 1.3.27. I have a number 
> of users on Win98 clients accessing mail through the Horde webmail 
> package. A couple of days ago users attempting to access their email 
> found that they were being presented with a blank screen (ie the file 
> name appears in the title bar, and there is no error reported or 
> unauthorised access message, just a blank screen). We were running 
> older versions of PHP and Horde, but upgrading to the versions 
> presently in place hasn't helped.

If you (or anyone else) didn't update or change anything during this time,
it has to be another variable than the software, i.e. certain email
messages in the users' INBOXes. But you didn't tell use when these blank
screens happen, so this is just a wild guess.

> PHP seems to be working fine.
> When this type of problem occurs, where should I be looking? Is this 
> an Apache issue? PEAR? I've waded through the log directories, but 
> I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. I'd really appreciate some 
> pointers.

Look for crashes and segfaults in the server logs.


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