[horde] user authentication against non-anonymous LDAP directory

Alexander Papaspyrou axp at gmx.net
Tue Oct 26 02:21:25 PDT 2004


I have problems with setting up horde-2.2.5 to authenticate users 
against a non-anonymous LDAP directory. horde seems to give a sh*t about 
the binddn and password parameters at all. Whether they are set or not, 
all binds are performed anonymously -- which results in "permission 
denied" burps by slapd.

The relevant part of horde.php says:

--8<-- snip (horde.php) --8<--
// What backend should we use for authenticating users to Horde? Valid
// options are currently 'imap', 'ldap', 'mcal', 'sql', 'ftp', 'smb',
// 'krb5' and 'radius'.
$conf['auth']['driver'] = 'ldap';

// An array holding any parameters that the Auth object will need to
// function correctly.
$conf['auth']['params'] = array(
         'hostspec'      => 'ldapi://%2fvar%2frun%2fopenldap%2fslapd.sock',
         'port'          =>      '389',
         'basedn'        =>      '<mybasedn>',
         'uid'           =>      'uid',
         'binddn'        =>      '<myrootdn>',
         'password'      =>      '<missing>'
-->8-- snap (horde.php) -->8--

The connection itself although works perfectly; regarding to the slapd 
logs it's clearly a permission problem.

Am I overlooking something, or are non-anonymous directories still 
unsupported in horde-2.2.5? If so, I would very much appreciate CVS 
trunk patches that enable this feature.

Alexander Papaspyrou

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