[horde] fortune

Chris cth at dnswatch.com
Thu Oct 28 11:14:40 PDT 2004

 I played around with this for quite awhile and decided the best
way was to call it with a perl script - eg; fortune.pl, or
fortune.offencive.pl (fortune -o), etc... The script(s) are simple
to build and surely provide quite alot of control :)


> Zitat von Brian Martinez <martinez_brain at hotmail.com>:
>> I can't seem to get options to work with fortune (fortune -o) using the
>> recently updated methodology in the configuration setup.  Should I be
>> enclosing the entry in quotes?
> Commandline options don't work anymore. I already thought it would be nice
> to add a checkbox in the portal block confiration to enable the -o flag.
> Patch?
> Jan.
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