[horde] today's cvs problems

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sat Nov 6 10:01:27 PST 2004

Zitat von Francesco Consumi <consumi at minori.it>:

> Hi,
> these are some little problems of today's CVS:
> - the "Save attachments as zip" option in IMP still doesn't work.


> - the login menu isn't anymore on center of screen, but to left, and
> there is a "Adreess book" button.


> - some buttons in IMP menu are badly vertically aligned.

"some" is not a very helpful description.

> - The preview of mail still shows only one row of email body.

Works fine for me for both, inline and tooltip previews. As Chuck already
told you, you need to provide more information, there are about 5 different
preview settings that can be combined arbitrarily.


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