[horde] horde3 loop on login.php (imap auth)

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Dec 27 01:40:05 PST 2004

Zitat von sCALP <mlhorde at tibone.com>:

> Jan Schneider wrote:
>> Zitat von sCALP <mlhorde at tibone.com>:
>>> [...]
>>> everytime I call login.php, I enter my credentials, and it loops back to
>>> login.php.... ever and ever.
>>> [...]
>>> I tried to configure Horde to authenticate itself using IMP (which use
>>> IMAP too) but the result was the same, a loop on login.php
>> Do other (non-transparent, i.e. not auto login) login backends do the same?
>> Then you have a session issue. Either a global one, or a wrong set cookie
>> path.
>> Jan.
> I don't know of any other ways of login into horde, maybe I wasn't able
> to explain :
> when I tell about a "loop" it's not an "auto-loop", I just want to say
> that when I submit my credentials on the "login.php" page, it goes back
> to the "login.php" page without saying my login had failed (that thing
> can happen, if I use a false user and/or password), and so I can submit
> it again after filling in again my credentials, and so on...
> or if I was clear at the first time, can you give me clues about other
> backends to check for the login ?

See the Authentication tab in the configuration. SQL would be viable backend
to test.


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