[horde] Fullname from Backend?

Kumoro Wisnu Wibowo kumoro.wibowo at ag-it.com
Wed Dec 29 22:03:47 PST 2004

Op wo 29 dec 2004 @11:52:42 -0600, schreef Michael W. Jones:
>In 3.0, also using IMP for authentication, I have uncommented the
>prefs_hook_fullname function in config/hooks.php, but I don't get the name,
>I just get "Welcome, mjones"
Have you set hook => true in horde/config/prefs.php for $_prefs['fullname']
(and possibly $_prefs['from_addr']) ?

I also found out that I couldn't get the expected result if I am
authenticating using IMP, so I use IMAP as my authentication backend,
and then set hordeauth => true in imp/config/servers.php.



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