[horde] Fullname from Backend?

Michael W. Jones mjones at otsc.com
Wed Dec 29 21:52:42 PST 2004

First, Chuck, Jan and the rest of the team, thank you...  Horde 3 is so far
in evaluations exceeding expectations.
Have an evaluation copy running on server in a test environment, and this
weekend will be mirroring the production environment (read database) for
upgrade tests.  Noticed one thing in the evaluation copy that I have yet to
resolve, and didn't know if this is a bug or a mis-configured option.
In  2.2.6, using IMP for authentication, I was able to get the portal page
to read "Welcome, Michael W. Jones".
In 3.0, also using IMP for authentication, I have uncommented the
prefs_hook_fullname function in config/hooks.php, but I don't get the name,
I just get "Welcome, mjones"
Did I miss something?  I don't see any toggle for it in the administration
setup screens.
Mike Jones
Houston, Texas

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