[horde] vacation in horde 3.0.4

dadirtyluk news4dadirtyluk at gmx.de
Mon Apr 25 06:34:14 PDT 2005


> > Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required
> > '/srv/www/htdocs/webmail/horde/vacation/lib/../../lib/Registry.php'
> > (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in
> > /srv/www/htdocs/webmail/horde/vacation/lib/base.php on line 23

>  do you set the pear directory? e.g. PHP.INI?

hmmm didn't find an entry with anything like pear-path...you know
the exact phrase?

but my pear installation resides in /usr/share/php...and for the other
apps the path can be found!

any ideas???



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