[horde] initial configuration - step 5: admin login

Ryan Evans revans at gie.com
Wed Apr 27 10:48:41 PDT 2005

How are u authenticating?  Under Authentication Tab (for setup)  try 
using "Let a horde application  handle authentication", then select IMP 
for application.... you'll have to have your servers.php file setup 
correctly to auth the user you wish to login as...  also make sure you 
include yourself in the "Which users should be treated as administrators 
(root, super-user) by Horde?"

- Kasp

Phil wrote:

>Hello.  I'm attempting to setup horder for imp, to replace squirrelmail.
>I've successfully setup the DB.  In fact, all has gone well on
>up to step 5:
>Completing Configuration
>You can now access Horde without a password, and you will be logged in
>as an administrator. You should first configure a real authentication
>backend. Click on Setup in the Administration menu and configure Horde.
>Start in the Authentication tab.
>This does not work.  I have a login screen, but it's like a mock-up.  It
>requires a password, but then takes me nowhere.  I see no tabs or menu.
>I just have the user / pass boxes and the footer links for logout and
>horde.  What gives?

Ryan Evans
Systems Administrator
Gulf Interstate Engineering
revans at gie.com

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