[horde] problem with creating mail box

ChakraPani chakra_funny at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 27 22:02:36 PDT 2005

Hello Sir 
            I am using Horde and IMP current stable version i have configured it poperly 
            i am using sql authentecation backend and datatree is also configured i am able 
            signup and also add users in admin panel but the problem is when i add a user in the 
            admin panel it add it in sql as per my auth backend but what about my mail box 
            should i create it manually in my server if do that the password of the user in the 
            server should be same as the passwd which has stored in the sql please tell me is
            any way to add the mail box to the user from the panel and if the user changes the
            it should change the unix passwd s well as sql passwd and i dont get forget passwrod
            the login page when i try manually to reach resetpassword.php i get the error telling 
            "the password can not be reset automatically contact your administrator"   
Thanks in Advance 


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