[horde] ok - progress - Datatree setup

Ryan Evans revans at gie.com
Wed Apr 27 13:36:14 PDT 2005

Looks like you didnt supply the correct password for root on mysql.
if you do not have a password setup, then blank out the password, IE 
('*******')  to ('')


Phil wrote:

>On the upside, I was able to upgrade to the new version
>www-apps/horde-3.0.4.  I can now see the menu and tabs.  I began to
>setup the various configuration variables.  Then I get stopped by a DB
>A fatal error has occurred
>DB Error: connect failed
>[line 1307 of
>Details (also in Horde's logfile):
>object(db_error)(8) {
>  ["error_message_prefix"]=>
>    string(0) ""
>      ["mode"]=>
>        int(1)
>	  ["level"]=>
>	    int(1024)
>	      ["code"]=>
>	        int(-24)
>		  ["message"]=>
>		    string(24) "DB Error: connect failed"
>		      ["userinfo"]=>
>		        string(85) " [nativecode=Access denied for user:
>			'root at localhost' (Using password: YES)] **
>			Array"
>This is a fresh and clean mysql database.  I don't know a lot of sql,
>but was able to setup the database with the prior horde version just
>fine.  I attribute this to the quality instructions.  
>If anyone could briefly walk me through the steps to wipe out the
>current db and setup a new, working one to handle prefs and anything
>else bast handled by mysql, it would be a huge help.  I'm just not DB
>literate enough.

Ryan Evans
Systems Administrator
Gulf Interstate Engineering
revans at gie.com

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