[horde] Kronolith events...

BOFH bofh at null-route.org
Tue Jun 7 08:13:52 PDT 2005

It seems to be my luck to have the strange problemms.

I've searched the general Horde list and the Kronolith list.

I came across the issue of Public versus Personal calendars, but
other than the comment "Make sure you have an "*" next to the
calendar icon." there wasn't much detail on how to correct the

I'm having the same event display issue.  As a standard user, I
can create events, see the events get populated into the
database, and see the Kronolith script retrieve them correctly.

But nothing displays.

And in the "Options" dialog for Horde/Kronolith under the user,
the only option for Calendar display is the user's own calendar.

Entertainingly enough, as an Administrative user, this seems to
work as it should and Events display properly even without the
"*" next to the calendar.

Adding the standard user to the Administrators group doesn't seem
to make a difference, so it's got to be something in the base

Horde 3.0.4
Kronolith 2.0.3
MySQL 4.0.23

horde user has ALL permissions to the horde database.

Help again?

- Ed V.

Thrashing is just virtual crashing.

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