[horde] setCache and weather.com problem

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Jun 7 04:52:38 PDT 2005

Zitat von John Sullivan <horde at basicnets.co.uk>:

> 5.4 using the ports collection.  When I try to use weather.com on the 
> Horde home
> page the page doesn't complete rendering.  In weatherdotcom.php, if I put
> var_dump($weather) before the line that reads:
>     $weatherDotCom->setCache('file', array('cache_dir' => ($cacheDir 
> . '/')));
> I can see the values on the page.  If I put it after nothing gets displayed.
> This tells me that I have a problem with file caching (correct me if I am
> wrong).

The Weather package is an external package that uses an external Cache 
package, not Horde's. So you should try your luck on the pear mailing 


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