[horde] Backing Up

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Thu Jun 9 08:27:23 PDT 2005

On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, John Szkudlapski wrote:

> Hi All
> Basically the server that our horde installation is sitting on needs to be
> wiped and re-installed (to cut a long story short, a sunsolve patch was
> applied and its semi-killed the system), restoring from backup has not
> helped, and Sun has recommended a total re-install.
> The server has nearly 4000 accounts, 95% of them are student accounts, with
> the remaining 10% being our staff.
> The server also run's the MYSQL database for horde too.
> What I was thinking was.
> 1) backup/export the MYSQL database
> 2) backup the horde directory on the server
> 3) backup the user folders (/export/home/staff) which includes a mail folder
> 4) backup the mail spool folder (/var/mail)
> Wipe the server, re-install the operating system then re-install horde,
> replace the database, copy the mail spool folder back and also the user
> accounts.
> Do you think this could work, basically I don't want any user to lose there
> mail within horde (although they will be informed that if they have any
> critial mail to make a hard copy in the chance the mail does not re-appear).
> I only need to do about 1000 of these accounts, as the rest are accounts
> that are due to be wiped at the end of the year (students that are leaving /
> training accounts).
> So I may remove the accounts I no longer need first.
> I intend to do this in July (when our staff and students are off on summer
> break).
> Has anyone had to do this before, or if anyone has any comments they would
> be gratefully appreciated.

Sounds good to me.  Horde and MySQL are trivial to backup and restore. 
Obviously, your users' data needs careful planning.


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