[horde] Are Horde Permissions inheritable?

Kevin Myer kevin_myer at iu13.org
Thu Jun 9 16:08:43 PDT 2005


I'm trying to set Horde Permissions for Turba Sources.  I want my read-only LDAP
directory sources to not show up in lists to add New Contacts to, so I want to
have them all set as Show/Read only.  Since I have 24 address books, with only
the localsql being physically writeable, I was hoping that I could set
permissions for Turba:Sources to Show/Read, and set localsql to be
Show/Read/Edit/Delete, and that the permissions for Sources would be inherited
by any source that wasn't explicitly listed.  But that doesn't seem to be the
case.  So are the default settings for Sources not inherited by the sources?

Kevin M. Myer
Senior Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13  http://www.iu13.org

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