[horde] Synchronie Horde-PIM Infos with kontact or evolution?

David Solbach d at vidsolbach.de
Sat Jun 11 08:40:36 PDT 2005


I'm not sure if my question is too much off-topic for this list, but i'll try 
it anyway ;)

I'm wondering if its possible to synchronize my PIM-data with kontact or 
evolution. I talk about the memos, calender and addressbook.
Mail is already fine thanks to imap.

Has anyone done this before?

At the moment I'm running a pretty up-to-date horde installation using mysql 
as backend and the courier imap-server (also for authentication).

So calendar, memos and addressbook are stored in the mysql database.

Any Ideas/proof of concepts on this issue?

David - a happy user.
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