[horde] test.php blank

Jigish Gohil jigish.gohil at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 01:27:56 PDT 2005

Check 'include_path' in php.ini it should contain something like


initial dot is important.

Also check your apache error logs.


On 7/3/05, marc at msys.ch <marc at msys.ch> wrote:
> kareemy wrote:
> > HTTP-Request depends on Net_URL. The openbsd package of
> > pear-HTTP-Request doesn't check for that dependency. So I did not haev
> > Net_URL installed and that caused test.php to fail. This appears to be
> > an OpenBSD package bug.
> I am the Maintainer of IMP and Horde stuff on OpenBSD.  Can you mail
> me some details so that I can fix the problem?
> - Marc Balmer
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