[horde] categoryCSS.php broken ...

Alainn alainn at chara.de
Tue Jul 5 08:52:20 PDT 2005

Hello - the version is from the HEAD version.

I updated it this morning.

The opening credits states that it is version 1.3, and the chora online 
CVS says that it is from 13 days ago.

The messages in the php.log - with the opening "echo" says the following:

PHP Warning:  Cannot modify header information - headers already sent 
by (output started at /home/horde/kronolith/themes/categoryCSS.php:11) 
in Unknown on line 0

I put the echo in to find out why the program seemed to be the last one 
called prior to the task disappearing (I find no trace of what happens 
after this module).  I was starting to trace where the problem was.  
Suddenly, I got a page back from kronolith.  when I remove the "echo", 
the page never returns.

In the chora online CVS pages on www.horde.org, the categoryCSS.php 
under "kronolith/themes" is the same;  and is missing the final "?>".  
Whereas the missing "?>" is a non-issue, I was afraid that something 
else might have been missing...

I have no doubt that it is working for others, I am just trying to get 
to the bottom of why it is not working for me.


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