[horde] horde permissions

Roger Fishwick roger at keyslider.co.uk
Tue Jul 5 10:07:16 PDT 2005


Sorry if this is a well covered question (I have a feeling) I have read the 
documentation and searched the lists as best I can, honest.

I have a new install  of horde/imp/turba/kronolith mostly appears to be 
working very well, I've been working through a problem with kronolith and 
come upon a a problem with the permissions.  If I go Administration -> 
permissions -> addchild I get "Invalid parent permission". Add groups is 
fine, however, none exist.

Also I can't find any documentation on permissions/groups and what should 

mandrake 10.1 on intel,
mysql Ver 12.21 Distrib 4.0.15,
php 4.3.3,
horde,horde/framework,imp,kronolith all from FRAMEWORK_3-2005-06-28.tar
sessions, datatree etc in database

BTW I've been away from horde for a while and the amount of progress has 
been astounding everything I've seen so far looks fantastic, much praise 
must go to all the contributors.


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