[horde] Customizing the look of horde

Edwin L. Culp eculp at encontacto.net
Thu Jul 7 11:21:58 PDT 2005

Quoting "dave.barr at caris.com" <dave.barr at caris.com>:

> I have just setup horde/imp and most of its components.
> The install went well and everything is working great.
> I want to customize the login page and possibly the other pages.
> I saw in the FAQ that there used to be a html.php in the config directory.
> Now there does not seem to be one.
Hi, Dave,

I don't know what version of horde you are using but you can look at 
horde/templates/login/login.inc and you will probably want to create a 
brand-spanking new theme to bring it all together.  It's not really ver 
difficult copy one that is similar to what you want and start from 

Good luck,


> Does anyone know how to configure the look and feel of horde?
> thanks for any help
> Dave
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