[horde] ETA on a stable release of 3.0.5?

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Fri Jul 8 13:24:32 PDT 2005

Quoting amy.rich at tufts.edu:

> Is there an eta on the stable release of 3.0.5?  There are a couple of major
> bug fixes (foremost being the sql session locking/overwriting problem) we're
> waiting for before we start heavily testing and rolling out new servers.
> Should we anticipate seeing something in the next couple weeks?  My searches
> on the dev list show that there was some discussion of getting the 
> new version
> out there back in early June, so we've been holding off on our own timeline.

There is nothing holding it back that I know of except developer time.

I have to say that it's pretty discouraging that it seems we need to 
make a final release to get people to test things; the sql session 
fixes have gotten _no_ feedback, so I really don't have a good feeling 
about putting out a new final release containing them. But apparently 
that's what we have to do.


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