[horde] imp newbie questions

Kevin Myer kevin_myer at iu13.org
Sat Jul 9 05:41:23 PDT 2005

Quoting pcha at uniting.com.au:

> Hi,

Please post a copy of your response to the list as well, since others may
benefit from the discussion as well.

>> I'm assuming you are able to login to Horde initially and then you're being
>> reprompted to login again with IMP.  If you haven't made it that far, then
>> we'll back up.
> Ah ha!  Need to back up ... I've tried stuff since I first wrote, and I
> realise that I can't even get into horde.
> I have tried several authentication backends: mysql, htacccess,
> passwd ... the latter 2 relate to "passworded" users already on my
> system, and either would be the desirable option for a "horde login".
> When these are configured, the "users" tab shows me (accurately)
> the users who are available &/or the ability to add them (ie mysql).

Ok, so that means at least enumeration of users is working.

> So, thinking I've got everything in place, I hit
> http://serveraddress/horde, and rather than the "hello administrator" I
> get the login screen.  "Yippee", methinks, the authentication
> backend is OK.  But no matter what I type in, I can't actually get
> logged in.  And the log file simply tells me that its been denied.

What format are your accounts stored in, for example your MySQL backend?  Are
they user at domain or just user?  Can you post a snippet of a failed login?

> One little mystery is how I login as "administrator" to actually change
> the system one the authentication backend is working ... there is no
> "administrator" in any of the user/password sets mentioned above,
> nor have I stumbled into any option to associate a 'user' with
> 'administrator function'.  Of course, simply administrator with no
> password fails, claiming that it wants a password.

The initial Horde configuration uses an authentication driver called "auto",
which automatically logs you in, basically so you can do initial setup, 
having to have any initial authentication backend configured.  There is an
array in the config files that lists the account names that are administrators
and by default, that account is Administrator.  You change this in
Administration -> Setup -> Horde -> Authentication, at the top, where it says
"Which users should be treated as administrators (root, super-user) by Horde?"
and when you initially configure Horde, you'll want to put your own account in
that field.  After you save your config with the new authentication backend,
you overwrite the default config, and the auto driver is replaced with 
you've chosen.  And thats why the "Administrator" account that you were logged
in with initially doesn't work anymore.

> Let me just indicate what I have done ... I've done nothing in horde
> except to check that the mysql password and backend are correct,
> attached an authentication backend, and check that it views
> available users.  Nothing else.  I'm at a very early stage!
> Thanks for your help ... I'm sure I'll crack it eventually!

You're actually pretty close I think.  You just need to figure out why your
initial login isn't being taken by the authentication backend.

I can't find your original post - what operating system, etc. are you using?


Kevin M. Myer
Senior Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13  http://www.iu13.org

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