[horde] turnoff frameset

Otto Kucera ok at geeks.at
Mon Jul 11 06:45:22 PDT 2005


Greg Rundlett schrieb:
> Can horde framework be used without HTML framesets?  I can see that Menu 
> Settings allows me to configure horde to *always* use the frameset (so 
> that content will not be displayed without the navigation/menu frames). 
> What I want to do is show the whole application in one html page; 
> showing the navigation elements using a table or preferably a CSS-driven 
> layout using DIVs.

yes, i kicked it. edit this file: horde/imp/redirect.php

function _framesetUrl($url)
     if (Util::getFormData('load_frameset')) {
         $full_url = 
Horde::applicationUrl($GLOBALS['registry']->get('webroot', 'horde') . 
'/index.php', true);
#       $full_url = 
Horde::applicationUrl($GLOBALS['registry']->get('webroot', 'horde') . 
'/imp/mailbox.php', true);
         $url = Util::addParameter($full_url, 'url', $url, false);
         $url = "../imp/mailbox.php";
     return $url;

so you don't have the horde frame. i don't like this frame too.


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