[horde] Horde 3.0.5 (final)

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Aug 4 12:09:23 PDT 2005

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the final release of the Horde
Application Framework version 3.0.5.

The Horde Application Framework is a modular, general-purpose web application
framework written in PHP.  It provides an extensive array of classes that are
targeted at the common problems and tasks involved in developing modern web

Major changes from 3.0.5-RC2:
    * Minor bug fixes and improvements.
    * Updated Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Hungarian, Slovak

Major changes from 3.0.5-RC1:
    * Fixed a far-reaching DataTree bug in loading parent ids (Bug #2203).

Major changes compared to the Horde version 3.0.4 are:
    * Added LDAP and memcached session handlers.
    * Added session locking to session handlers to avoid data corruption.
    * Support SQLite and Oracle in all SQL configurations.
    * Added scripts and instructions for MSDE databases.
    * Use bind variables in all SQL drivers.
    * Detect and support Opera 8.
    * Improved performance of several libraries.
    * Allowed charset aware IMAP searches.
    * Fixed bugs in the Version Control library.
    * Show application version numbers in configuration screen.
    * Added Bosnian translation.
    * Updated Finnish, German, Italian, Persian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish,
      and Traditional Chinese translations.
    * Lots of improvements and bug fixes.

The full list of changes (from version 3.0.4) can be viewed here:


The Horde 3.0.5 distribution is available from the following locations:


Patches against version 3.0.4 are available at:


Or, for quicker access, download from your nearest mirror:


MD5 sums for the packages are as follows:

    31ee0819be4efe44819f8ffef5db5365  horde-3.0.5.tar.gz
    74f748995132dd29ea96f1dc37f8ad99  patch-horde-3.0.4-3.0.5.gz

Have fun!

The Horde Team.

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