[horde] Kronolith Calendar not working with Kolab driver?

Mark Dickie markd at hotdesk.biz
Thu Aug 11 03:10:46 PDT 2005

I can confirm the same behavior, I'm using horde from CVS checkout a week old 
and Kolab 2 on SuSE enterprise server 9.  No doubt I am doing something wrong 
but I did follow the documentation included with kronolith.

On Tuesday 09 August 2005 10:18, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> I just set up Horde to work with Kolab.
> Kronolith Calendar does not seem to work with the Kolab driver.
> When it comes to the Calendar, it doesn't show any entries that can be
> seen in Outlook (with Toltec connector).
> If I create a new entry using a web interface (Horde), and click on
> "Save event", nothing is saved, as if I never created that entry.
> Are there any special steps needed to make Horde calendar interoperating
> with Kolab/Outlook?
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> Tomek
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