[horde] Horde portal layoutand kronolith hours format.

Marco Maiani m.maiani at comune.scandicci.fi.it
Tue Sep 20 07:25:11 PDT 2005

I'd like to set a default horde portal layout for all the people using
horde in my office so I have set my options for horde layout and then I
have taken them from the database table "horde_prefs" and I have put the
field "pref_value" in the file "/horde3/config/prefs.php" as I found on 
the horde mailing list archives.

Eveything works very well except the 24 hours format for Kronolith. I
set in my portal layout the 24 hours format and I have my kronolith
working with this format but after I changed the prefs.php the other
people have always the 12 format with AM and PM.

May I fix it without going on all accounts to modify them singularly?



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