[horde] connecting to LDAP

Silver Salonen silver at ultrasoft.ee
Wed Sep 21 11:36:24 PDT 2005

Hi Ben.

On Wednesday 21 September 2005 17:20, Ben Chavet wrote:
> > The only thing is that I suppose the users won't be very happy if they had 
> > log in with such a long username. Isn't it possible to parse username a
> > little bit before sending it to LDAP?
> Instead of:
> $conf['auth']['params']['uid'] = 'mail';
> use
> $conf['auth']['params']['uid'] = 'uid';
> or, whatever field is storing the "short" username.

I don't have the "short" username. The main username IS in attribute mail and 
is in form of user at domain. Why shouldn't I differentiate users by e-mail?

> > But even with settings suggested by you I couldn't log in. Horde says: 
> > result."
> Make sure the user you are binding with has permission to search the basedn.

As I wrote and as I can see from my OpenLDAP debugging log, Horde doesn't seem 
to bind at all!


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