[horde] Preformance problem

Julien Marchal Julien.Marchal at univ-nancy2.fr
Thu Sep 22 21:51:05 PDT 2005


I've installed the lastest stable horde (horde-3.0.5) and I have
performance problem.

I've viewed any mails for this problem in list but I don't find
responses or patch

I have 3 points to resolve this :

1) The datatree grow.
I've disable this for imp $conf['maillog']['use_maillog']
Is there a soft (config) way to disable horde.history ?
If no, can I patch the lib/Horde/History.php to do nothing, is there
problem ?

2) The session's size grow.
I've viewed that MIME attachements is cache in session.
Is there a soft (config) way to disable this ?
If no, can I patch the lib/Horde/MIME/Contents.php to make no cache,  is
there problem ?

3) Permission's and share's discovery
Permission and share are discover at each request.
Is there a soft (config) way to cache this ?
If no, can I patch the lib/Horde/Share.php to use cache (sessionObject),
is there problem ?

Not controlling all the points I call upon your knowledge.

thanks by advance, regards

Julien Marchal
Equipe réseau - CRI

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13, Rue Michel Ney
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54037 Nancy Cedex

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