[horde] Login problems

Bj ø rn Kvamme kvamme at deadfish.us
Sun Sep 25 14:31:32 PDT 2005

I've tried the following login types without success:

sql db, where horde can use the database for everything, even add users and
they appear, but I cant log in using them. It also use MD5-HEX encryption.
When I open the db in phpmyadmin I can see the users and the encrypted

FTP auth and IMAP auth, neither work. My buddy who have an IMAP server also
use horde with the imap auth, and it works for him.

Also tried htpasswd without any luck.

It seams that on some users I get login failed because of wrong u/p,
but on some the Horde log said the login was successfull, but I'm just
redirected to the login page again..

Tried everything I can think of and tried to look it up in the FAQ, but
couldnt find anything. This is my first attempt on installing Horde. 

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