[horde] IMP not displaying folders other than INBOX

Kevin M. Myer kevin_myer at iu13.org
Mon Oct 10 13:23:06 PDT 2005

Quoting Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom <chrome at real-time.com>:

> The only thing that changed about the time this stopped working, was that
> Postfix was upgraded (which should be *completely* unrelated). None of the
> configuration files changed at that time (I've looked at ones from backups).

Since Postfix would only be doing SMTP or LMTP, I can't see how that would
impact IMAP, unless you're running the Postfix IMAP plugin ;)

> Any ideas what might cause this to happen?

Are you using IMAP subscriptions?  Did you happen to change that preference by
any chance?  (Not even sure if it exists in IMP 3.X).

> Any ideas how to fix this? (Short of upgrading to horde v3 and imp v4, and
> I'd rather avoid that pain for a while if I can).

Not too painful and well worth the effort, IMHO.


Kevin M. Myer
Senior Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13  http://www.iu13.org

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