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Please keep discussion on the list, and please don't report problems 
with 2-month-old CVS checkouts. Update first.

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Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

> Quoting Martin Breuer <gwprojekt at gmx.de>:
>> have 2 problems.
>> first, if i configure my calendar settings to show all shared calendars.
>> i scrolled to the right side and move over a date. but there is no
>> tooltip visible, because the tooltip is just visible on the left side
>> (which is now hidden), so it seems the coordinates are incorrect (tested
>> with dual monitors).
>> second, if horde runs on kolab2 there is a problem in changing a
>> tasklist of one task.
>> i got a positive feedback message but the task is still on the old task
>> list, nothing changed.
> Version numbers, please?
> -chuck
sorry i forgot:
horde, kronolith and nag from 2005-08-10 (cvs)

best regards

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