[horde] (no subject)

Martin Breuer gwprojekt at gmx.de
Wed Oct 12 09:38:16 PDT 2005

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

>Please keep discussion on the list, and please don't report problems 
>with 2-month-old CVS checkouts. Update first.
sorry for my reply mistake.
Checkout of every module, created and configured a environement for 
testing. so i'm uptodate.

quoting Martin Breuer <gwprojekt at gmx.de>:

>i have 2 problems.
>first, if i configure my calendar settings to show all shared calendars.
>i scrolled to the right side and move over a date. but there is no
>tooltip visible, because the tooltip is just visible on the left side
>(which is now hidden), so it seems the coordinates are incorrect (tested
>with dual monitors).
The problem stays. If the header with the menu buttons ends, it seems it 
creates an invisible border which the tooltip can't cross.
Testet with firefox 1.0.7.
IE doesn't display any tooltip because of "error on page"

>second, if horde runs on kolab2 there is a problem in changing a
>tasklist of one task.
>i got a positive feedback message but the task is still on the old task
>list, nothing changed.
same thing here... i updated nag but no changes.

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