[horde] Major CVS changes

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Oct 18 06:34:41 PDT 2005

This is an important "heads up" for everybody working with or using CVS 
versions of one of the released Horde modules. Sorry for the 

To prepare
1) x.1 releases of the stable applications (like Horde 3.1, IMP 4.1 etc) and
2) major changes in the development code of some applications
we merged the complete CVS HEAD (development) branch of Horde, 
Framework, IMP, Turba, Ingo, Kronolith, Nag, and Mnemo to the CVS 
FRAMEWORK_3 (stable) branch.

As as result HEAD and FRAMEWORK_3 are currently identical, but this 
will change again pretty soon. This also means, that the code in the 
FRAMEWORK_3 branch is no longer stable. The code will maturize while we 
near the x.1 releases, but people who used to have a FRAMEWORK_3 
checkout that they updated regularly, should be aware that their 
checkout will most probably break with the next update. Of course you 
are still encouraged to test the new code and help us making it stable, 
but I'll send another message on this topic later.

Another result ot these changes is that the recently released versions 
will most probably be the last of the x.0 series. The only exception is 
Horde 3.0.6, which has the first release candidate out at the moment 
and will be released as a final version within the next weeks. Another 
exception would be any serious security issues detected before we 
released the x.1 versions.

These exceptions will be developed in a new branch created as FRAMEWORK_3_0.

Please target *all* further questions to the dev at lists.horde.org mailing list.


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