[horde] "Resource id #52" was not created

Kevin Konowalec kevin at ualberta.net
Wed Nov 9 12:14:29 PST 2005

(my apologies for subject-less message sent earlier)

Running a clean install of OpenBSD 3.8, php 4.4.0, eAccelerator  
0.9.3, Horde 3.0.6, Imp 4.0.4, Turba 2.0.4, mySQL 4.0.23, and using  
memcached 1.1.11 as a sessionhandler.

Since rebuilding from source (rather than patching the existing  
distribution) we've seen many of our bug problems vanish (Kudos to  
the developers!).  What I'm also getting, though, is a weird error  
when I send mail.

After composing or replying to a message and clicking 'Send  
Message' (and an unconfirmed report has come in about it happening  
when attempting to save a message as a draft),  the following  
appeared at the top of the Message Composition window:

The folder "Resource id #52" was not created. This is what the server  
Invalid mailbox name

   Message sent successfully.

My reply appears in my Sent Mail folder, and the person received my  

What's happening there?

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