[horde] Kolab 2.1 multidomain password change patch

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sun Nov 27 05:48:56 PST 2005

Zitat von Fabio Pietrosanti <lists at pietrosanti.it>:

> Jan Schneider ha scritto:
>> Zitat von Fabio Pietrosanti <lists at pietrosanti.it>:
>>> -- Kolab Driver FIX: REMOVE explicit issue regarding local maildomain
>>> horde/passwd/lib/Driver/kolab.php
>>>      // Make sure we're using the full user at domain format.
>>> //        if (strstr('@', $username) === false) {
>>> //           $username .= '@' .
>>> $GLOBALS['conf']['kolab']['imap']['maildomain'];
>>> //        }
>> Can you elaborate on this? Most of us don't use Kolab, so we have no
>> idea what you're trying to achieve and how.
> Kolab 2.0 doesn't support multidomain. There is only one email domain
> supported which have to be specified in the configuration files.
> Kolab 2.1 support multidomain.
> The code for password changing was specifiing the "maildomain"
> configuration parameter and in that way, all secondary/virtual domain's
> users of kolab installation cannot change password.
> Removing the code that "add" maildomain and making the $username to be
> the value of  $username "Auth::getAuth();" (using the specified hook)
> which include the domain name make it working.

This only a single workaround for a symptom of a much broader problem: 
That Horde doesn't support Kolab 2.1 multidomains. "Fixing" Passwd this 
way doesn't get you anywhere.


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