[horde] Identity values not shown after update to Horde 3.0.8

Muenz, Michael linux at leute.server.de
Tue Jan 3 06:12:35 PST 2006

> > I've updated my Horde setup from 3.0.7 to 3.0.9 and when
> > I want to change my default identity with IMP the values of
> > it are not shown in the fields. With 3.0.7 and IMP 4.0.4 I
> > login, check Options, then Personal Information and then
> > "Select the identity you want to change" I choose
> > "Standardidentity". After that the stored values gets loaded
> > in the fields. But with 3.0.9 (also 8) nothing is displayed.
> Do any other old preferences work?

I didn't change anything in the preferences. I just untarred
new horde, copied the configs from old one, changed cookie
path in conf.php, and copied complete folders from imp,
turba and kronolith (hope thats correct updating horde). 
Both directories are on the same server and use the same
DB. Logging in with old one (/horde/) loads the values in 
the fields. When I log out, and in again in /horde2/ with 
the same account they were not loaded. I didn't find 
important changes in configs or sql syntax in 3.0.8 update,
so I think just copy the stuff (with correct perms) is OK?


P.S.: Perhaps this is the same problem like the on from
Josh Trutwin on the list with subject "Imp settings not 
saved in MySQL" (29.12.05)?

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